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Jump to navigation Jump to durham dating group This article is about the county in England. For other uses, see Durham County. River Tees is within the ceremonial county of Durham. During the Middle Ages, the county was an ecclesiastical centre, due largely to the presence of St Cuthbert’s shrine in Durham Cathedral, and the extensive powers granted to the Bishop of Durham as ruler of the County Palatine of Durham.

Many counties are named after their principal town, and the expected form here would be Durhamshire, but this form has never been in common use. The situation regarding the formal name in modern local government is less clear. The former postal county was named “County Durham” to distinguish it from the post town of Durham. Flag of Durham County Council since 1974, based on the council’s coat of arms. This flag was used as an unofficial flag of County Durham until 2013. The ceremonial county of Durham is administered by four unitary authorities.

The ceremonial county has no administrative function, but remains the area to which the Lord Lieutenant of Durham and the High Sheriff of Durham are appointed. 1 April 2009 replacing the previous two-tier system of a county council providing strategic services and seven district councils providing more local facilities. The Borough of Darlington: before 1 April 1997, Darlington was a district in a two-tier arrangement with Durham County Council. The Borough of Hartlepool: until 1 April 1996 the borough was one of four districts in the relatively short-lived county of Cleveland, which was abolished. The part of the Borough of Stockton-on-Tees that is north of the centre of the River Tees. Stockton was also part of Cleveland until that county’s abolition in 1996.