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About My Work Phasellus non ante ac dui sagittis volutpat. Nam est elit, congue et quam id, laoreet consequat erat. Vestibulum et dictum massa, ac finibus turpis. What’s Next of the App Store? Looking for a Fling on the Beach? Sure, Tinder is one of the most successful of these apps, but there are plenty of people on the platform looking for love while the rest of us are looking to quell our lust.

And that’s where things get muddled, when you think everyone’s on the same page but they’re reading two different books. Everyone has had a moment where they think someone is down to bang but that person is looking for someone to settle down with, marry, buy a house, and have 2. You might feel rude for un-matching with this person, but they can’t blame you. You’re just looking to get it in! So how do we solve this problem? You could continue to swipe through Tinder and hope you find someone who’s down to bang.

Feeld is easily one of my new favorite hook up apps out there! It’s a platform where you can really let your imagination run wild and their premium membership doesn’t charge you for the kind of bullshit that Tinder does! One thing that makes a successful app is the design. This app features sleek design and navigates pretty easily.

This is basically the chic swinger club of dating apps. Christian Grey level of expensive and sensual. Plus, they have sexy Spotify recommendations on their page. They’re giving you the full package. The name is clever as Frick! So, you may not catch feels via feeld, but you get to play the feeld and hopefully get feeld up by someone sexy. In their user agreement they agree to not sell your data!

They have a few projects which hope to connect people in the outside world. One of which are unique wallpapers created by the app. They hope that they will signal to other open-minded people around you in a discrete way that you are also open minded. Unlike Tinder which makes bank on you paying to go back to some hottie you swiped left on, Feeld isn’t into that gimmick. Their premium membership allows you to do useful things, like hide from your Facebook friends who are also on the app and see who’s feelin’ you before you decide if you’re feelin’ them. While a lot of people are attracted to places like Yosemite and Yellowstone, you should know that there are places in other parts of the world that aren’t nearly as popular with the masses but are just as worth the visit.