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The Xiqu Centre, the traditional Chinese performing arts and music venue in West Kowloon Cultural District, opened to the public on 20th January 2019. The distinctive eight -storey building covers an area of 28,164 sq mtrs, including the 1,073-seat Grand Theatre, Tea House Theatre, eight professional studios and a seminar hall. The centre has been designed to be soundproof in order to eliminate noise from the two main roads outside the centre and the nearby Austin and West Kowloon stations. The Grand Theatre is located 30-metres free online dating hong kong ground and will not be affected by vibration from trains.

The opening performance in the Grand Theatre features the Cantonese Opera “The Reincarnation of Red Plum” runs from 21st to 30th January 2019 and was first played in 1959. The opera is a love story between scholar Pei You and the ghost of his concubine Li Huiniang and was first performed in 1959. Partners following a 10 month competition during 2012 which attracted over 50 entrants and construction began in Sepetember 2013. 7 billion, more than double the original estimate in 2006.

The Central-Wan Chai Bypass and Island Eastern Corridor Link opened to the public on Sunday 20th January 2019. 7km is in form of a tunnel, and connects the Rumsey Street Flyover in Central and the Island Eastern Corridor in North Point. In addition, the bypass tunnel introduces the first air purification system for use in road tunnels in Hong Kong, which can effectively remove at least 80 per cent of the respirable suspended particulates and nitrogen dioxide, resulting in air purification. This air purification system represents the largest scale of such application in the world. The Central – Wan Chai Bypass Tunnel has been commissioned except the westbound carriageway where alteration work is required to connect with the Rumsey Street Flyover. Closure of all eastbound traffic lanes of the Rumsey Street Flyover down ramp leading to Connaught Road Central, and the alteration works for connecting the westbound carriageway from the tunnel with the Rumsey Street Flyover, will last for about one month.

The westbound carriageway of the Central – Wan Chai Bypass Tunnel connected with Rumsey Street Flyover westbound will be opened. The tunnel will then be fully commissioned. A formal commissioning ceremony was held on 19th January 2019 with the bypass being opened to the public the next day. Six bus routes, 720X, 88X, 962C, 969C, 33X and 18X will use the bypass. After having been first proposed in 1999, construction of the bypass finally began in late January 2010.

28 billion project made provision for the six-lane bypass from Rumsey Street flyover near Two IFC Tower via Admiralty, the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, the former Wan Chai Public Cargo Working Area, the portal of the Cross-Harbour Tunnel and Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter and linking up with the Island Eastern Corridor via a viaduct. The project was controversial as it has involved reclamation of about 12. 7 hectares of Victoria Harbour and temporary reclamation of Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter. Legal action by the Society for Protection of the Harbour resulted in the scale of the reclamation being reduced. 5th December 2018, is located in the former Bridges Street Market, a Grade 3 Government-owned historic building which was included in Batch III of the Development Bureau’s Revitalising Historic Buildings Through Partnership Scheme. The building is located in the Central and Western District, the birthplace of the Hong Kong newspaper industry.