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Weekly Robotics Newsletter Archive In these pages you can find all Weekly Robotics Newsletter issues released so far. This webpage will be always up to date, however if you would like to make sure that you won’t miss any future issues then you can subscribe to our newsletter using the form above or you can subscribe via RSS. 32 we created a survey that was completed by 66 readers. The post above contains the results of the matchmaking winnipeg with some commentary, plans for the future and current state of the newsletter.

BREEZE- Bioinspired Ray for Extreme Environments and Zonal Exploration. The project will explore developing a flying ray built from inflatable structures with bio-inspired kinematics. There is a follow up video from the author from two weeks ago in which he tests the Orbital Drive with ODrive, an open source motor controller. INFO: In this article from The New Yorker John Seabrook describes the current state of the strawberry farm labour market in the US and how robotized strawberry pickers can come to the rescue. We like how this article presents the business case for robots for strawberry picking without overselling it. INFO: If you are looking to learn ROS you might consider taking a look at this free edX course that covers ROS setup, communication, autonomous navigation, motion planning and object detection. Archaeologists from Stanford Archaeology Center are using robots for ruins exploration.

SpaceX Falcon Heavy Sticks Triple Rocket Landing with 1st Commercial Launch. INFO: SpaceX Falcon Heavy had it first operational mission debut on April 11th. The rocket deployed an Arabsat-6A satellite and finished the mission by having the two side boosters land on the ground and the center booster land on the drone ship stationed in the Atlantic Ocean. 5,000 when produced in large volumes. The robot’s control system is running on Intel NUC and heavily utilizing ros_control package. It provides personal, domestic, and professional robots, development platforms, kits, and specialized robotic parts.