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This is a list of notable waterfalls in India sorted by state. This perennial waterfall located in the Nagari valley near Tirupati in Chittoor district originates from a fracture in a sheet rock. Also called the Bong Shillong dating site Falls, located around 40 km from Tawang town. Also called the BTK Fountain, located about 82 km from Tawang town.

Located 35 km from Tawang town and 5 km from town of Jung. 50 km south-east of Nagaon, near Dabaka. Located at a distance of 13 km from Bokakhat, near Kaziranga. It’s a beautiful waterfall located into the bosom of mountain. 20 km away from Diyungbra Police Station Whereas Koka fall is on opposite side of Panimur i. Route connectivity – via Lanka -to- Umrongso road. The Kopili River turns into a thrilling waterfall, rolling over the rocks of Panimoor.

Most visitor might not know about the fact that tells a history of Dimasa Legendary Princess- ” Dishru ” and the holy place for the Dimasas. It is purely a holy bath place for the people of Dimasas. It is also called Kopili Tirtha Sthan. Chitrakoot Waterfalls is the broadest waterfall in India.

Jog Falls in Sagar, Karnataka are the second highest plunge waterfalls in India, formed by the Sharavati River. River Varahi, near Mastikatte in Shimoga district. Recognised as the highest waterfall in India. Idukki district alone has about 50 small or big waterfalls, most of which are not included above because of not being well known and some being only active during monsoons. It is the same with Wayanad district, Pathanamthitta district and other hilly districts.

This waterfall is the highest height waterfall in Telangana State. 7, and is on the way to Adilabad. It is located in Koyaveerapuram G, Wazeedu Mandal, 120 km from Bhadrachalam. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Waterfalls of India.