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Singles Wine Tasting at a local Colorado Winery! Singles Wine Tasting at a local Colorado winery! Singles are dining at Buca di Beppo Italian Restaurant in Broomfield Colorado on Sat. Singles Love Travel Beach Trip October 2019 to Cancun, Mexico! Displaying 1 – 7 of 7 entries. The lastest couple engaged from meeting at Denver Catholic Speed Dating events!

PLUS a brief interview with Yates. We are soo behind on posting engagements and weddings. We have lots of events to keep up with. However, our success stories are a crown jewel of our events and very well-known of throughout Denver, throughout Colorado, throughout the U. Yates getting engaged over the holidays!

Met: Spring Catholic Speed Dating Age 20-35 in May of 2017! We officially call them our Fatima couple! These events Spring of 2017 were very dear because they met at the event run three days before the founder of Denver Catholic Speed Dating’s flight to Portugal to attend the 100-year celebrations of Our Lady of Fatima’s first appearance! DCSD: What advice do you have for those looking to do speed dating?

Yates:  Speed dating is definitely worth a try. It helps you meet a lot of different people in one night who are looking for real relationships. DCSD: Any advice you have for those looking to date in faith? Yates Finding someone who shares your most important values is very important in a relationship. DCSD: What mindset did you go into speed dating with?

Very intentional to date Catholic or looking to try it or just expecting a fun evening? Other thoughts you had going there? Yates: I was looking to try it. I was looking to date Catholic, so that was an added incentive to get me to go. DCSD: What did you like about the process of speed dating? Yates: I got to meet a lot of people very quickly. The seven minute conversation helps you to figure out compatibility better than a profile on a dating app.

I also initially heard of your speed dating service through my sister, Kristen. She is the one who told me to go that particular night. Christina who met February 10, 2013 at Thai Basil downtown Denver during Valentine Catholic Speed Dating! The now-Denver residents were married June of 2015 in the bride’s home state of Indiana! These are some, but definitely not all, of the couples we’ve had married off from this! We’re so busy on the ministry side of this, tending to the people involved more than updating the web site, that we’re a bit behind on the wedding pics of several! Some are still awaiting a time we’ll get to post their beautiful photos!